Thursday, October 13, 2011

Drawing For Animation

Frederick Villumsen ( and Henrik Soenniksen ( taught and supervised us on the assignment of creating a scene with Stitch trying to get a fruit hanging from a tree. We planned everything ahead and learned how to structure our workflow. In my story, Stitch builds up a sand hill to reach the fruit. Here are some sketches of my storytelling key drawings.

And this is my First Animation Key Pass: This is not the final timing, it is just a try to check the Storytelling Keys and the Keys inbetween those. There are no inbetweens or breakdowns yet, we are still planning and redoing some poses.

This is the Second version:

And this is the final version with the 2nd Animation Pass. I struggled to connect the flow during some of the animation and I will have to touch up some drawings so that they are on model.

We also had animation croquis every day (good exercise), which was sketching a frame from the Lilo&Stitch movie and then moving on to the next one. Each sketch is 30-60 seconds, here is an example of the part where Stitch takes the bottle from Lilo and throws it away:

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