Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Commercial Project for Roskilde Festival 2013

In a 5-week-project we worked on a 20-second short commercial for Roskilde Festival. The theme was "Hack for Viability" which meant to bring the spirit of Roskilde (people working together, helping each other) outside of the actual Roskilde festival. How do you portray a spirit spreading over the world? In our group, we thought catching the attention of drunk people with dinosaurs was a good start, and showed the spirit of working together with a stylized little story.
Ramp up the Roskilde Spirit!

Gustaf Georg Lindström - Director, CG Artist
Frederik Troels-Smith - Art Director, Animator
Morten Froelich Jaeger -Technical Director, Generalist
Laura Andersen - Production Manager, Rigger
Hoegni Mohr - Matte Paintings, CG Artist
Dorte Flensted Jensen - Animator, Storyboard
Marion Strunck - Lead Animator

And just for fun I made a really quick weird crazy animation of dinosaurs doing harlem shake.
Thanks to Morten Froelich Jaeger for putting on shaders and environments etc :-)

Harlem Dinosaurs from Morten Jæger on Vimeo.

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