Monday, March 18, 2013

Quadruped Project

The Quadruped Project is a collaboration between a Computer Graphic Artist and a Character Animator: Together we design the quadruped, then the CG rigs it, the CA animates it and the CG does the lighting, compositing, etc. The CGs would get a predefined rig, we could choose between a feline and a lizard rig and we chose latter.
My lovely CG-partner was Ann-Helen ( :-) She was really great to work with and very talented! Our supervisor was the wonderful Sydney Padua again :-)
Sound was made by Jonas Hinz!

This is the outcome, first version colored and shaded by Ann-Helen and the second and third version just with the Animation (The bright blue one is work-in-pogress but I thought it was so pretty so I had to put it up). The rig had an FK Spine and an FK Tail.

Project Quadruped - XAlottle by Ann-Helen Rinvar Marion Strunck from Marion Strunck on Vimeo.

Sequence 02 from Marion Strunck on Vimeo.

ProjQ sq010 sh0010 ANI 189 MS from Marion Strunck on Vimeo.

ProjQ sq010 sh0010 ANI 179 MS from Marion Strunck on Vimeo.

 This is an idle (a shot with an actor where your character is in the background moving as little as possible, but feeling alive) and a walk cycle, made in the week for rigtesting.

QuadrupedIdle MarionStrunck 001 from Marion Strunck on Vimeo.

And here are some of my design and preproduction sketches:


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