Sunday, December 30, 2012

Trailer Project "Breaking The Waves"

With lots of talented teachers supervising us, we worked in a group of six people creating a re-interpreted trailer for the given film "Breaking The Waves" by Lars von Trier. Our group consisted of the three CG-Artists Sophie Refshauge, Benjamin Bach Nielsen and Hoegni J. Mohr, and us three Animators Jane Langkilde Madsen, Steffen Christensen and me. The task was to create a trailer for the film with another art direction. We interpreted the action of the main character Bess as "ripping" free from her religious bonds and home to save her love, Jan. I animated the scene of Bess standing up and dropping her cloth and the last shot of her being outcasted, standing outside in front of the doors. My friend Jonas Hinz made the epic music :-) and my voice was being used.

Trailer project: Breaking the Waves from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

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