Saturday, May 19, 2012

Short Short Film Production

For the next 4 weeks we were working in groups on a 30 second short film based on given random elements and a style guide. Our random elements were "melodramatic" and "Helium" and our style mash-up was Ronald Searle and John Kricfalusi. Our movie is called "Der Vogel" which means "The Bird". Our supervisors were Julia Bracegirdle, Uri Kranot and André Bergs. In our group were Sofie, Simon and Anne-Mette from CGA and Steffen, Michelle and me from CA.

Some of our preproduction (concept art, character designs, turn-arounds and look tests etc) we developed you can see here:
 We all worked on the story and the storyboards, for animating and model sheets we each had one character: Michelle did the princess, Steffen did the bird and I did the crocodile.

early storyboard panels:


Props and background designs:

early character designs:

 :-) These were my take on all of the character designs:

Character Model Sheets, Poses, Turnarounds and Color Tests:


Line Up:

Stills in the film:

early Look Test:

Final Look Test:


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